Bob Hutchings Voice Over Studio

” …Bob has voiced and produced thousands of audio projects!”

Voice Over Experience

Bob began his voice over career working in radio as a DJ/announcer.  He honed his commercial writing, recording and studio production skills, sold radio advertising and managed radio stations during his sixteen year radio career. In 1997, Bob opened MGI Marketing & Media Agency, complete with voice over recording studio and voice talent.

During his voice over career, Bob has voiced and produced thousands of audio projects. These include telephone IVR and on hold programs; multimedia presentations; training video soundtracks; explainer video soundtracks; radio & TV commercials; audiobook narrations; podcast intros; personal development programs; and, meditation programs.  Additionally, he’s provided scripting, copywriting and editing for many corporate business projects.

The Sound of My Voice

According to client descriptions, Bob’s voice is pleasing to hear and distinctive!  He has a clear, naturally warm baritone voice that is inviting and sincere. Others describe his voice as being “easy to listen to”, relaxing, soothing, commanding, informative, big, mature, melodic and mellow. Bob speaks with clarity and enunciates naturally so his message is easily understood.

Because Bob has the expertise to apply different delivery styles to different types of projects, his voice lends itself well to any type of project you have in mind; a few examples being story-telling, video soundtracks, audiobooks, radio & TV commercials, infomercials, podcasting, broadcast intros/outros, e-learning, personal development, meditation, social media and more. 

Professionally Trained

Bob attended KIIS Broadcasting Workshop, a UCLA summer graduate program in Radio Announcing. This 16-week program required 25 hours per week of active hands-on training in L.A.’s KIIS FM Radio backup studios. KBW focused on training/coaching in voice over techniques as well as recording studio skills for important post production such as audio editing, mixing and processing.

The graduate program focused on developing a complete skill set, knowledge and experience in broadcast announcing and voice over production.  Additionally, Bob learned how to write scripts for voice over projects, radio commercials and recording studio projects. During the KBW 4-month program, Bob’s mentor was Art Hannas, a veteran voice over talent and CBS announcer known as “The Voice of CBS”.  

Bob served in the Idaho National Guard and was school trained as a 46R40, Broadcast Journalist.  He worked in Public Affairs at Idaho’s State Area Command.  As a Broadcast Journalist, Bob voiced and produced numerous media sound cuts used in National Guard and US Army news releases as well as producing media and interviews in Kuwait, Grenada and Seoul, So. Korea.

Partial Client List

Among Bob’s Fortune 500 clients are Hewlett Packard Company, Micron, Microsoft, Delta Airlines, Royal Canadian Bank and H2O International. His numerous regional customers include Boise State University, Idaho Hospital Association, United Heritage Insurance, MONY and over 450 other companies and organizations in the US and Canada. For over 19 years, Bob was “The voice of Hewlett Packard Company”; and, during this time recorded over 50,000 IVR voice prompts, managed several voice over artists and managed multi-lingual prompt recordings for HP in English, Spanish and French Canadian.

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