COVID19 Update

COVID19 Update

We hope you are doing well and surviving the COVID19 pandemic. As Boise’s best voice over coaching and recording studio training program, our hope is that you will choose to learn more about our local, one-on-one voice over coaching and studio production training program. Although COVID19 has been the reason for our closure these past many months, we are still interested in helping you decide if a career in voice over is the right choice for you!

We know you have lots of questions about voice over training and starting your voice over career. Although COVID19 has closed for the time being, give us a call! We’ll be happy to answer your questions.

If you are thinking about signing up for an internet training program, please consider that you’ll be limited in what you can learn from them. Why? Because you won’t get the hands-on studio experience nor learn recording and production skills that every professional voice-over talent needs in order to compete!

Our students get first class voice over coaching; learn the inside techniques, tips & tricks of producing numerous different types of audio projects; and, learn “must have” post-production skills (editing, mixing, processing and managing files). These are just a few of the important skills you will learn while sitting side-by-side with your experienced, professional voice over trainer.

Call today for more information: (208) 358-8770 , or drop an Email to: Boise Voice Over Training Program studio is located in beautiful Boise, Idaho since 1993.