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Looking for the right voice for your radio & TV commercials?  Whether you want a straight read or a commercial production with multiple voices and custom script, your commercial will sound great and it will cut through all the clutter!


When someone calls your business, what do they hear on-hold?  Silence? Tones? The Radio playing head-banger music and ads? Callers want to hear information about your business. I specialize in producing custom on-hold programs! 


Looking for the right voice to narrate your audiobook?  I deliver a warm, rich, clear, resonant sound listeners enjoy hearing in an audiobook for long periods of time. If interested, I will produce a sample of your audiobook for consideration.


Love producing podcasts, but not editing the recordings? Have me edit the podcast for you! I am fast, thorough & affordable! I can edit mistakes, breaths, pops & clicks, add music if wanted and your podcast will sound like a million bucks!


Like your favorite radio station, custom intros & closers is a ‘must-have’ branding advantage over your competition! Make your program stand out, boost follower numbers & attract sponsors with our custom produced intros & outros!


Need a great soundtrack for a training video, infomercial or other media? Let me help you complete your project with a professional voice over and music or a simple voice over with no music! I am fast, affordable & dependable.

A Few Extra Services I’m Really Great At!

Extra services specially for Voice Over Artsists, Podcasters and Videographers.


Need help editing, mixing or processing audio files?  Maybe you’re very good at recording voice overs, podcasts, video sound tracks or music, but have little or no post production skills?  Let me help you with your post production!  I’m fast, affordable, dependable and experienced!  


working on multi-voice or multi-lingual voice over projects? I’ve managed large corporate projects using multiple voice talent and many languages.  My experience producing such complicated projects may be helpful to you.  I work quickly, I’m affordable and dependable. 


If you’re an aspiring voice over artist wanting to ‘jump start’ a career in voice over, Boise Voice Over Training Program is the best place to start!  Natural talent is good, but  learning the secrets of professional voice over talent will boost your skill level, self confidence and your earning potential!


A voice over artist must know how to record many different types of projects;  and, how to edit, process and save those projects for final delivery.  Learn important post production studio skills quickly, easily and affordably at the Boise Voice Over Training Workshop. Live, local, one-on-one training.  

About Bob

Bob’s voice is rich and warm with a smooth, distinctive baritone resonance, clarity and natural enunciation that make listening to him an enjoyable experience!  Bob is a school trained, professional voice over talent & artist who is as comfortable working in front of the mic doing voice overs as he is working behind the mic as a studio post-production technician.  His is committed to delivering projects on schedule and on budget!                



KURT:  Bob has a rich, deep, silky smooth sound many people enjoy hearing when he speaks. He has a silver tongue!

NED:   People listen to Bob when he speaks because the sound of his voice is pleasing to the ear and he speaks with clarity!

DIANE:  He has a beautiful male voice, highlighted by enunciation and clarity that is very easy for the listener to understand. 

KARENA:  Bob has the wonderful,  deep, clear voice that’s one in a million!  I love to hear him speak because it’s very soothing.

BRAD:  His voice is smooth, warm, with unfathomable depth that is friendly, soothing, approachable and has a commanding presence. 

GARY M:  Bob’s got a great voice that’s smooth and inviting with a clarity that’s easily understood. It is truly easy to listen to him.

TERRY:  Bob sounds trustworthy, like an old friend giving advice or someone with authority to share  important information! 

TINA R:  Bob has that rich, warm, mellow bass voice that’s cultured, refined (James Earl Jones) and it’s fluid and soothing (Sam Elliot).

MELISSA: Bob’s voice is soothing, with a low, mellow resonance and  clarity that’s credible, trustworthy and very pleasant to listen to!

JARED:  What I like most about his unique voice talent is his ability to tell stories, narrate training videos and turn a script into reality!

PATTY:  Bob has a rich, soothing baritone voice that is distinctive, clear and easily understood; and, full of enjoyable musical tones!

KEVIN:  Bob’s voice is smooth and resonant.  It’s comfortable, like an old friend or favorite book. It’s the kind of voice you want to listen to!

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