Finding Voice Over Paradise

When you hire a voice over talent, do you ever worry about the choice you made?

Does it keep you up at night wondering, hoping that you hired the right talent?

Maybe you second guess your decision and wonder if they will really sound as good as their demos? Or, maybe you might worry about getting the recordings on schedule? And maybe budget is a worry, too?

Perhaps you hired a voice talent that sounds good but they have limited editing or production skills; so, their recordings include breaths and the dog down the street somewhere in the background? How important are these considerations when selecting a voice talent for any project? And, how important is it to eliminate those problems so they don’t make you look bad with peers- and especially your boss?

With many voice over talent, these kinds of things happen far too often. You deserve better! Hiring the right talent can be work. But it doesn’t have to be frustrating!

Voice Over Paradise is- having your voice over project completed professionally and free from any needless worries!

Bob delivers every project on time! And you’ll never have to worry about quality because Bob delivers top quality audio every time regardless of the size of the budget!

Paradise means getting great sounding audio every time! It means your audio files will always be clean, clear, free of breaths, the neighbor’s dog or unwanted noise. In paradise, Bob Hutchings records every project with a smooth, warm, believable, clear voice. And he meets your deadline, keeps you on budget and assures your complete satisfaction through every step of your voice over project.